ListenFromTheHeart: #5 Ink – Coldplay

I would like to think that if I ever get the chance to become a famous singer, that the songs that I write will be something that is not only relatable to many people, but also from my heart. That the words that I sing, will be genuine and truthful. There are those few songs […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #4 The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

IGCSE English, one thing that I took away from that was the fact that CONTEXT always matters. So to put this into context, here’s a little glimpse at my past: During my last two years of IB, I went to a boarding school in Hong Kong. It was a place where a philosophical debate about […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #3 I’m feeling good – Michael Bublé

I. like. puzzles. And the person who had suggested this song is a dear companion of mine when it comes to large puzzles used for procrastination and as a holiday project. We have conquered a variety of puzzles, ones that glow in the dark, ones that have 1000 pieces in it, ones that have been […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #2 Bizarre Love Triangle – Frente!

Honestly. I’m not sure what to think about this song. So instead I look to the person who suggested it in the first place, a close friend of mine that although I haven’t known for very long, means a lot to me (especially their choice in music). why do you like this song? “it has […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #1 Fix You – Coldplay

Yesterday, a friend and I had decided to start this 30 day challenge partially as a source of procrastination, and a source of inspiration. Here is a small glimpse into my slightly chaotic mind: Day #1: “Lights will guide you home, And ignite your bones. I will try to fix you.” – Fix You, Coldplay […]