30DayChallenge – Listen with the heart: Introduction

The story, although just a short one, starts like this.

Coffee Shop. Procrastination. TED Talks.

Whilst trying to get some hardcore studying on sunday afternoon with a friend, we were both slowly running out of energy to last the race, so just as a rest stop, we looked through some TED talk videos and stumbled across this one.


Although ideas ranged from No Facebook for 30 days to Travelling to 30 different countries per day, he came up with this idea for a 30-day challenge. And because we were too hipster to start on the first day of the month, it will commence starting tomorrow morning. Here is the challenge:

1. We will ask someone to suggest a random song, it can be any song, with any sort of content, from any sort of genre.

2. Listen.

3. Reflect on it by applying it to our lives. Whether it’s to do with something that happened that day, or simply to our lives in general.

4. Photograph something that is connected with this, and post.

Please let me know if you have any song requests you would like to make. I won’t promise that we will share the same thoughts on the song, though I do promise my honest opinion, from the deepest depths of my heart. 🙂 If you want to suggest a song, please leave a comment below or simply message me on Facebook.

Tomorrow shall be the beginning of your little peak into my slightly crazy world.


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