ListenFromTheHeart: #2 Bizarre Love Triangle – Frente!

Honestly. I’m not sure what to think about this song.

So instead I look to the person who suggested it in the first place, a close friend of mine that although I haven’t known for very long, means a lot to me (especially their choice in music).

why do you like this song?

“it has beautiful lyrics, especially the first line: ‘everytime I think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue’ it hits me hard man”

Some people are blessed with the talent of song writing in a way that the words just flow from their mind into neatly aligned, perfectly rhymed lines of thoughts and feelings.
My favourite line: “I’m waiting for the final moment, you say the words that I can’t say.”
Bravery is something I often lack. I build up a wall of confidence and weirdness to hide the fact that many times a sentence that I say has gone through many thoughts about ‘what ifs’ before it is materialised into sounds and words. However, more often than not, (in the spirit of clichés and overly-used phrases simplifying life’s problems:) you only regret the words you don’t say.
So added to my list of resolutions for the upcoming new year: “Speak your mind. Always.”

“it always manages to calm me down”

Being a student, (although it’s not a proper excuse), procrastination is one of my favourite hobbies. Of which one of them is sorting the many musical tunes of this world into Spotify playlists that have impossibly long titles that describe every specific moment in which I think the song would be most suitable.
And due to this request and agreement of opinion, it has been officially added onto the “Slowly falling asleep and drifting away…” playlist. Thank you for your addition.

“it always makes me cry”

To my dearest friend,
I can only hope to tell you that everything will be okay.
However, that phrase is used much too often to ever really give any sort of comfort to someone in pain or sorrow. Therefore I add this phrase “eventually”.
As much as I’d like to say that my life has been filled with rainbows and unicorns (don’t get me wrong, it is often filled with rainbows and unicorns), there have been times when it’s just not as enjoyable you’d hope life to be. And learning from those times, I guess it’s all about perspective. And just as it takes time for you to understand another person’s perspective, it takes even longer to gain a new perspective on something you were certain about.
Therefore, here’s my little bit of wisdom for you (which I will offer time and time again whenever in need), everything will be okay… eventually.

“it reminds me of someone that I thought was important but then had to let go because of life reasons.”

“Life reasons”.
Life always gets in the way. Somehow.
There were so many times when we’ve had different priorities:
Age 5 – Become a professional ballerina
Age 10 – Become a famous person (whatever profession it may be. Preferably a movie star)
Age 13 – Be noticed by that cute boy in class
Age 17 – Just. Pass. The. IB.
Age 19 – Get through MedSchool alive.
Always – Be happy.
What we think is important may change, but some may always stay the same. There are moments when you hold onto something so tightly that you manage to salvage bits and pieces of what originally whole. Yet sometimes, the more you hold on, the more it slips away.
I can’t say there is a definite flowchart to know when to do what, (to those who know of anything such as this, please contact me immediately), however, I guess we’ll just have to take life as it comes.

“it has memories built into it”

I can only hope that those memories are good.
Yet, the psychic part of me (pshhh.. i wish.) tells me that it’s mixed. Bits of good. Bits of bad. Bits of inbetween. Though memories are what make us who we are, it’s the things that teach us what we believe it, what we will fight for, and what will move us forward that are the different gears that allow our brain to make life decisions.
The memories of the past, is the thing that builds up our expectations for the future.
The goods of the past give us more direction for the things we look forward to in the future.
The bads of the past give us more direction for the things we will avoid in the future.
The inbetweens of the past just bring us on spontaneous journeys that may end in more memories.
Just because the future is so uncertain, there is an element of fear in it, but at the very least, we can always look back at memories we’ve had and say that we’d feel slightly safer stepping out into the unknown.

Maybe one day this song will apply to me more than I can ever imagine. But until then, I leave with this quote from this wonderful being I call my best friend:

“its not flourished words but for some reason i really connect with this song”


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