ListenFromTheHeart: #3 I’m feeling good – Michael Bublé

I. like. puzzles.

And the person who had suggested this song is a dear companion of mine when it comes to large puzzles used for procrastination and as a holiday project. We have conquered a variety of puzzles, ones that glow in the dark, ones that have 1000 pieces in it, ones that have been broken apart and put back together again.
But the most satisfying feeling one can get from a puzzle is when that final piece falls into place, and you are able to see the whole picture as it was meant to be. Not in fragments, but complete.

I have had the privilege of knowing this person their whole life, and although they are a few years younger than I am, he has never seized to amaze me with his many talents, his gifts, but most importantly, his enthusiasm to serve. He is also one to be on the dramatic side of things when describing a situation, which would most likely explain this song choice of a somewhat “Gatsby-like” song.

There are some rare moments in life, where similar to finishing a puzzle, you are able to see the bigger picture, and everything just falls into place. Academics, relationships, dreams, the past and the present, just fit snuggly into place one beside another. In those moments, no matter what happens around you, the whole world just seems to… work.

“It’s a new dawn.
It’s a new day.
It’s a new life.”

There is one moment in life where I clearly remembered my life being in complete peace and harmony, and that is when I got baptised on 19 Feb, 2012. I came up from the water feeling like I was glowing, and everything that happened around me seemed to be encased in a wonderful cloud of glitter and happiness. I not only felt different, but I knew that I was different, because I had been reborn in Christ.

And if you haven’t already guessed, this person had just gone through the same thing.

When someone gets baptised, I like to tell them something they normally wouldn’t expect: “Happy Birthday”. I guess knowing that you have been reborn in Christ means that that day, is the day they have entered this world as a new person, into a new dawn, into a new day, into a new life. Therefore, as much as I consider myself 2 years, 9 months, 8 days old; I also consider them a newborn.

Finishing a puzzle takes hard work. Just as this person knows as well as I do, it’s a lot easier to break the puzzle back into pieces than it is to put it together. There were many times when our completed puzzle was out for display one day, then the next it was reduced to it’s individual pieces again the next. This new feeling of bliss and happiness is one of the most wonderful feelings of the world, it motivates you and it inspires you to become a better living image of Jesus during your spiritual walk.

The challenge is not to finish the puzzle, but rather to keep it as it is, without it falling apart.

Sometimes, the puzzle slides slightly over the edge, and a small corner of the puzzle falls apart. However, all you’d have to do is to simply pick up the pieces and complete it once again.

My dearest friend,

I cannot put down in words how proud I am of you that you had finished this puzzle. The you had taken the courage and time to put all the pieces together and built this wonderful picture. And I’m sure you are still encased in that glass box of happiness and bliss. Hold onto that feeling. Know what it means to see your life as perfect and whole as it is now.

There may be times when the puzzle may slide off the edge of the table and small bits and pieces fall apart. There will be times when the whole puzzle is accidentally taken apart, and is separated all into it’s individual fragments. But all I can say is, just take the time to remember what it looked like at this moment right now, and just take the patience to put it back together, piece by piece.

“Therefore, we were buried together with him through baptism into his death, so that just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too can walk in newness of life.”
– Romans 6:4

From this point forward, I can only say that it will get harder from here. But always remember that puzzle as a whole, being able to see your whole life renews and reborn, whole and complete. And use this as a constant motivation and drive to keep that puzzle completed.

“Don’t offer parts of your body to sin, to be used as weapons to do wrong. Instead, present yourselves to God as people who have been brought back to life from the dead, and offer all the parts of your body to God to be used as weapons to do right.”
– Romans 6:13

Congratulations, my friend.

Happy Birthday


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