ListenFromTheHeart: #5 Ink – Coldplay

I would like to think that if I ever get the chance to become a famous singer, that the songs that I write will be something that is not only relatable to many people, but also from my heart. That the words that I sing, will be genuine and truthful.

There are those few songs that you know relate to you well, that you have specific moments for when you know the song will fit perfectly like a movie soundtrack. Just as one of my many procrastination hobbies, I like to create elaborately names for my spotify playlists. From “Rainy Sunday Afternnon” to “Slowdancing love”, there are just those few songs that fit perfectly into one feeling or another.

Although I’ve never heard of this song prior to being suggested by this friend of mine, I feel like it fits snuggly into “Staring into the stars wondering about love and life”.

There are many times when I’ve entered into relationships not knowing what will happen. You then spend half the time wondering what the other person is thinking, and the rest trying to sort out your own thoughts.It may be filled with romantic gestures, it may be filled with endless laughing fits, or even filled with comfortable silences. Either way, relationships often just keep your head spinning endlessly.

I am a romantic.

I love getting butterflies in my stomach. Whether or not they come from remembering a romantic gesture from someone special, or just watching a relationship unfold in a romantic comedy, I love LOVE.

But the problem is, I get so caught up in the idea of ‘what ifs’ that I sometimes lose sight of the things I have now. Just like that, I have lost some relationships, whether they are friendships or romantic relationships, there are nights when it ended in a fights, just because I expected what the movie had defined for me as ‘sufficient romance’.

“And you wonder when you wake up, will it be alright?”

A friend once told me that their favourite RomCom is ‘500 days of summer’. Only because it doesn’t try to sugar coat all the facts of a relationship. It doesn’t follow the usual story plot of a chance meeting, a fight, and a make up. This movie had caused much frustration for me, knowing that there was no ‘happily ever after’. But as reason took over, I guess there are just times when you have to accept that the movie is, afterall, only an hour and a half. How would it ever be able to show all aspects of a relationship.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I need to stop myself overthinking about all the possible ‘whatifs’ of any relationship, but rather, be appreciative of what I have. And when I finally find myself in a relationship where I can be entirely myself and feel comfortable doing so under all circumstances, that is the moment when I’ll fully let go of all my thoughts, but rather just feel the love.

“All I know,
Is that I love you so.
So much that it hurts.”


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