White Out. and Mistakes.

Instead of being cliché and writing my end-of-the-year blogpost for the last day of the year, I’m going to write this on the last Sunday of 2014. Because Sundays are always more special than other days of the week, and also because life is too metaphorical to not make into a cheesy opening of a […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #16 Naive – The Kooks

As a young child, all that really mattered to you was really getting the toy you wanted for christmas, or even just the simple birthday present containing that multifunctioned pencil case you had wanted. As you become a pre-teen, you enter that age where you begin to hear about the alcohol and the partying. When […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #15 All we are – OneRepublic

Relationships are hard to understand sometimes. There are ones that exist even after months of no communication. You visit a friend whom you haven’t spoken to in a long time, and yet the feeling when you see each other is almost the same as if you had just seen each other just yesterday. Hold on […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #14 Blessings – Laura Story

Wisely put by a friend of mine: #rulesaremadetobebroken. Instead of getting a suggestion, here is one of my own selection. This song will probably be familiar to all those whom have heard about the different ‘bad times’ I have had and how this song had accompanied on many nights sobbing into my pillowcase. The song alone […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #13 The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

The Suburbs. (typed into Google) ‘define suburbs’ suburb ˈsʌbəːb/ noun plural noun: suburbs an outlying district of a city, especially a residential one. I personally don’t know much about living in the suburbs. That term always seemed to be something that appeared in the movies, where all the rich parents had rich kids whom simply […]


I have never been one who would pride myself int the ability to endure and persevere through challenges. All my attempts of keeping a diary prior to this has ended up being a few weeks of detailed documentation, followed by slowly growing days between one entry an another, finally finishing with a half filled notebook […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #12 God Only Knows – BBC Music

My favourite part of a classical concert is the silence that comes between the discordance of musicians tuning their instruments and the beginning of the music piece. It is the moment when everyone puts asides all their differences and comes together to work as gears in a larger instrument. In the same way, our lives are […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #11 Bigger on the Inside – Amanda Palmer

Song suggestion credits goes out to a #TrueFan. I wouldn’t say that Amanda Palmer is one of the mainstream artists that would easily make it onto the radio or into a spotify playlist. This song alone doesn’t even have a proper studio-recorded, produced and advertised audio file. Instead. It’s raw emotion accompanied by a Ukulele. […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #10 Mono No Aware – Hammock

“Make yourself comfortable. Dim the lights. Close your eyes.” There is a large grass field that stretched beyond the eyes can see. Just an endless amount of green, spotted with colours, white dandelions scattered, lavender dispersed, sunflowers springing up all around. The warmth of the sun shines into me, and I can see it’s rays of […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #9 Dance with the Devil – Immortal Technique

“A feeble-minded young man with infinite potential The product of a ghetto-bred capitalistic mental” It may sometimes be hard to believe that the different circumstances in which you grew up may influence you so deeply in your future. The path that you choose to lead is often modified by those around you on your journey, […]