ListenFromTheHeart: #6 Crazy in Love – Eminem

I didn’t recognise the song prior to listening to it. But when I did, the memories linked to this song suddenly resurfaced in a way that it almost overwhelmed me to hear it again. This song meant a lot more to me than the lyrics themselves.

During my last two years at high school, I had spent my time studying at a wonderful boarding school in Hong Kong, known as Li Po Chun United World College. Whilst at this school, I met some amazing friends that not only were there to support me during the ups and downs, but also battle with me through the joys of IB. These friends weren’t just people who come into your life as mere acquaintances, but rather, as people who have changed you for the better.

The person who had suggest this song, was one of those people.

Even in the song choice, it would probably show how impossibly different we are. She likes rap. I hate rap. Yet this song had been an alarm that we had slept through countless times during days of morning blocks. We had the privilege to have shared a room for two years, and even though, truthfully, I was quite intimidated by her in the beginning, I could say that she’s one of the people that I hope I will never lose contact with in life. Not only that, but rather I could be there for her during all the highs and lows, no matter how far apart we are.

“You are the word I am looking for when
I’m trying to describe how I feel inside
And the right one just won’t come to my mind.
You’re like the pillar that props me up
The beam that supports me.”

My dearest roommate:

Although there are many things we disagree on, though during those two years, I cannot truly recall one fight we had. Rather I remember all of these memories:

  • Meeting you for the first time and thinking in my mind: “She looks so sophisticated, what if I’m too childish for her?”
  • Our coincidental 102 selfie photos that so perfectly matched our then Room Number 102.
  • The posters you had posted for me on my birthday, although I was much too depressed because of an email to actually see them around the school. It so cleverly said “It’s this ninja’s birthday, so if you see her, give her a big hug 🙂 or even bake her a cake”. (I know those aren’t the exact words, but I remember how much it had cheered me up seeing them around the school)
  • All the pink sticky notes you had left for me on my birthday after hearing about what had happened, with all the comforting words you had written for me.
  • Rearranging our beds so that we had our heads were close together, though mine slightly higher than yours
  • That one evening when I had woken you up in the evening and started talking to you about biology because we had a biology test the next morning.
  • Discussing tactics to make sure we would get out of our crappy room for the first year, and getting the best one for the second year.
  • Coming into the room in the second year and finding you fast asleep.
  • Stalking our first year roommates together after you found out from Mark.
  • Preparing all the different ways in which we could make our room better.
  • The 4 carpets.
  • That day when your grandmother had passed away, and I didn’t really know how to console you.
  • The many nights we had stayed up talking about random things.
  • You telling me several times that the relationship I was in, was not my best choice.
  • The many morning blocks we had overslept.
  • That shirt swap.
  • Our first ever photo together right before the block activity.
  • My time spent in your country.

The list could go on forever, but instead of boring everyone else who cannot relate to this, I guess I’ll just keep the rest as a memory that sits sometime in our mind.

There are people we often meet in our lives, they may have the most opposite tastes in music, fashion, religion, etc. Though don’t write them off as an improbable friend just yet. It is these differences that make up all the interesting conversations. It is these differences that allow you to come closer together in times of sorrow and hurt. It is these differences that allow you to celebrate successes. It is these differences that truly make you the truest of friends.

Just as this song is described as an “awesome, crazy, lovely, cute, psycho love-rap song. Stunning. My favourite song.”, I can also say that this person is an awesome, crazy, lovely, cute, psycho roommate. My favourite roommate.


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