ListenFromTheHeart: #12 God Only Knows – BBC Music


My favourite part of a classical concert is the silence that comes between the discordance of musicians tuning their instruments and the beginning of the music piece. It is the moment when everyone puts asides all their differences and comes together to work as gears in a larger instrument.

In the same way, our lives are not made up of our own actions alone. Each step of the way that we take along our path of life, we are influenced in different ways, good or bad. But either way, they have left you changed, no matter how insignificant.


Good friends push you to become someone better. They challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, knowing that you can achieve so much more than what you think you can, They only hope that you could see yourself through their eyes. They inspire you to be the best of yourself. They are the ones allowing you to see the goods in life. They are the ones that keep you looking up even when things are starting to do downhill.

The lesser friends will push you to become someone you’re not. They challenge you to step into an unknown world, only to allow you to discover who you are, and who you are not. They inspire you to stand up for yourself, and the values that you stand for, especially when they are different. They are the ones allowing you to see what it means to be alone, and be content with that. They are the ones that give you the opportunity to look up after placing you on a downhill path.


When everything don’t turn out as it does in a romantic comedy, the bad relationships bring you to a place of hurt, where you get to understand how to be stronger. They challenge you to properly define what it is that you want. They define the boundaries that you are not willing to cross. They give you opportunities to explore the benefits of being single, and enjoying the solidarity.

Roses bloom in relationships that turn out well. They bring good memories of happy moments of care-freeness and total acceptance of flaws. They allow you to appreciate the good things about yourself that are only unique to you. They permit the understand of the beauty of sharing, pains or gains. They give you opportunities to explore the benefits of being part of a whole.


They have seen you through every single up and down, from the start to the end. They guide you out of the unknown and unfamiliar. They are there to provide you a place of comfort, and a place of challenge. They give you opportunities to learn to lead, and chances to learn to follow. They bring you unconditional love like no other.

Although this song was first intended to be romantic. There is some importance in realising the fact that we on our own would not survive in this world without all those who make up the supporting structure of your lives. It’s all interconnected, and each person you meet may have rewritten a different word, page, or chapter of your book of life.

The person whom had suggested this song is not only a close friend of mine, but also someone whom had changed me in so many different ways. My thoughts, my decisions, my actions, are all influenced one time or another by this one person. There were many late nights spent in the computer room back in boarding school chatting away until time and tiredness no longer became an issue. They had widened my horizons and changed the way I viewed life.

At the same time, we influence others just as they influence us. All our actions, our words, our thoughts, have an impact in one way or another on those around us. A humorous insult may in fact hurt a friend deeper than you had intended. A simple nice gesture to a stranger on the street may be the one thing they had wanted.

Appreciate the gestures of kindness you receive, learn to see the good in the bad, and be generous to show love and affection.

Cherish every relationship.


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