I have never been one who would pride myself int the ability to endure and persevere through challenges.

All my attempts of keeping a diary prior to this has ended up being a few weeks of detailed documentation, followed by slowly growing days between one entry an another, finally finishing with a half filled notebook that is then used as a simple notebook when I had given up all in the end.

The point of a 30 day challenge had been to allow some sort of continuity to my life. The lack of a post from Sunday, and Monday shall be explained by the story below:

There was a football game on Sunday afternoon, I had rushed off after church immediately to the train station to catch the train with my fellow teammates. All along the way, enjoying my new found love for the Harry Potter book series. When we had arrived, the sky was shining brightly before us, though the clouded rainstorm followed behind. The contrasting weather only bridged by nothing short of a double. Rainbow.

As we neared the pitch, the wind started howling and the leaves began to dance wildly in the wind, as if chasing each other through the darkened sky. By the time we had arrived on the pitch, the rain and the wind had begun to work together to splash us violently from one side. After huddling and shivering in the changing rooms for a few minutes, in full gear and a slightly dampened spirit, we marched out onto the field, only to find out that we shall be playing in an extremely muddy pitch with a gloomy, rainy cloud hanging over our heads and blocking out the sun.

The pitch was muddy. In the end we had lost 3-0. But the game hadn’t been ended because the time had run out, but rather because of the collision that had happened. Between a player and an opponent.


Our teammate had gone in for a low header, and being a of shorter stature, where her head was, was the exact same location at where an opponent had decided to kick with a high leg. The collision resulted in tears and jaw that was suspected of nothing less than possibly dislocation or fracture. As her teammates frantically called the ambulance, the message that the it would take up to an hour for it to arrived resulted in the decision to head to the nearest hospital possible, which was only a 7 minutes drive away. She was hurried off to the nearest hospital by a car,Her friends signed her into the reception as she hand motioned most of her information with the fear of moving any part of her jaw, only to be stuck in the waiting room of an A&E for over an hour before being seen.


She was guided to a cubicle, then asked to describe the incident. X-ray. PA mandible. One from the front, one from either side. Inconclusive. “I would recommend you to go to another hospital because our hospital doesn’t have the right equipment to help you get the MaxFax X-ray you need.”

Off to hospital number two.


The wait was almost the same. This resulted in the creation of Pete the Zebra. “Give me a few objects and I’ll give you a story”. Okay. Zebra. Bangkok. Toilet. Nurse.

“There was one a Zebra named Pete. He was different from all the other Zebras. Whilst the others all loathed and complained about the noisy humans, Pete found particular fascination in their advanced living habits. Especially, the toilet.”

So the story continues and after another hour or so, they had shifted their waiting area from the A&E department to the Urgency Care Centre. The wait continued on.


With a few dramatic TV shows, and many games of chopsticks later. She was ushered into yet another cubicle, to be more thoroughly checked by a doctor, whom had then suspected a fracture along the TMJ, and also the occipital bone. To rule out the later, there was a CT scan requested. After passing by a set of policemen and guns, and many curious glances about for the dangerous patient staying in another cubicle, there was another round of waiting. Hospital Gowns. Selfies. Harry Potter.


The CT scan confirmed that the fracture was not present. However, the fracture of the TMJ was still a possibility, and therefore off to hospital number three.


We were transferred there by an arranged Taxi. After a round of coffee and a few crushed up pieces of crisps slipped in between the small opening of the mouth, she had arrived in yet another waiting room. The quick referral meant that the waiting time had shortened.

The MaxFax doctor had put on her gloves, feeling around the bottom half of her head, searching for any signs of abnormalities. Then after asking a few questions, she had taken ahold of the jaw, patiently giving out instructions as she manipulated it, shaking and loosening it, then pushing and angling it.

The suspected fracture. “I do understand that you may be sensitive towards more radiation due to the amount that you have had today, so although the fracture is still unconfirmed by the scans we have already taken…” Still remains a suspected fracture.



The one thing that had kept me going through the night was the company I had had. One of my teammates had stayed with me all through the night, taking care of me, and making sure I wouldn’t be alone. The rest of the team voiced their concerns and over exaggerated their revenge. Though I can only say that all the worries and care I had received is not only comforting but also extremely heartwarming. Thank you.

I won’t say that I’ll blame the incident for my lack of ability to keep up the blog.

There is often the need for routine, the ability to have specific times allocated for specific things. A time to study, a time to relax, and a time to simply procrastinate. Although the later may not be entirely significant or necessary, as a student, we find ourselves often trapped in the ‘I’ll just finish this last video and… Oh hey, look that that one…’

So I will attempt to make up for the missing posts all in one day. Here goes…


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