ListenFromTheHeart: #13 The Suburbs – Arcade Fire

The Suburbs.

(typed into Google) ‘define suburbs’

plural noun: suburbs
  1. an outlying district of a city, especially a residential one.

I personally don’t know much about living in the suburbs. That term always seemed to be something that appeared in the movies, where all the rich parents had rich kids whom simply had endless complicated relationships with one another regarding respect, trust, and other ‘good-storyline-making’ plots for TV shows.

Thought the suburbs also give the impression of the good life. The ability to enjoy a worry-free routine filled with picket fences, backyard swings, and relaxing strolls through the neighbourhood.

There are moments in our time as a child or even during youth, where most of us dare to dream about things that adults believe are too impossible to come true in the ‘real world’. We dare to believe that we would become ballet dancers, astronauts, ninjas, and many other not-so-cliché childhood dreams. Some few of them then go on to pursue it with all their might, try as they will, some succeed, some do not.

On the news, these days, there is so much violence.

However, as we grow up, we learn to stop asking ‘why are there bad people in the world’, and instead accept the fact that ‘bad things just happen’. Although we may feel slightly disheartened by all the innocent deaths in the wars occurring around the world, it would rarely ever motivate us to take action.

“Sometimes I can’t believe it,
I’m moving past the feeling”.

I went to a school where the slogan that pushed us to ‘Use education as a force to unite people’. To bring together all the differences in the world and educate us all under one roof to allow understanding between conflicting ideals. To inspire and to motivate the next generation to be the ones that stand up for what is right.

Sometimes we often get caught up in the petty gossip and complaining of the minor things that don’t matter. Yet we continue on and pretend that the next big assignment is the most tragic and unbearable thing in the world. And just like that, we let life pass us by.

Instead. We should be living.

Living in the way that we grasp every moment like a new opportunity, and run towards our goals, our dreams with a renewed inspiration by remembering the reason behind why we chose our desired profession in the first place. We stop wondering about the hard work we need to exert in order to achieve those goals, and instead just work as best as we may to give out the best result possible.

It’s important to have a goal.

It’s important to live life as it is.

Even when things don’t work out as you had hoped they will. Take every failure as yet another opportunity to reach that ultimate finish line. But I guess it all depends on where that finish line lies.

To place that goal on something materialistic, would be equivalent to treating the goal line as a checkpoint. You would never be satisfied with what you have, instead you continue chasing for more each time you achieve a certain boundary. There would never be contentment. Instead, place it one something only you can define. Something unique to yourself, that although may mean something completely insignificant to someone else, may be the most precious thing in life.

I have never been one of those kids who had a clear vision of who they wanted to be when they were young. When I was 10, I only dreamt about being asked to the next disco by the boy from the classroom next door. I only thought about searching for the next ‘popular’ song or movie to watch or listen to in order to be able to contribute to the conversations surrounding ‘the populars’.

By the time I was 15, I had realised that I was pretty good at science. Or at least it seemed like I would have a more consistent grade in science than in subjects such as English, where it would either be a hit or miss. Therefore, with a particular interest in the human body, I chose medicine.

The paragraph above may seem to jump out of a flashcard you had prepared for your medical interview, however, to put it in more ‘inspiring’ words, I had chosen this career path because I wanted to give back to the world in the best way I can, by exerting my passion for science and apply it to people.

I, myself, often lose track of the final aim. Although I have perfect vision, I am often short-sighted and the end target is often clouded behind a layer of fog. I complain about what is happening now, not remembering that all of this would only works towards allowing me to be where I want to be in the future. I am still learning.

Learning to live life with the end in mind.


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