ListenFromTheHeart: #14 Blessings – Laura Story


Wisely put by a friend of mine: #rulesaremadetobebroken.

Instead of getting a suggestion, here is one of my own selection.

This song will probably be familiar to all those whom have heard about the different ‘bad times’ I have had and how this song had accompanied on many nights sobbing into my pillowcase. The song alone makes my nose feel all numb and you get that feeling deep in your heart, slowly revealing all the hurt and pain you had been hiding. All those memories all well up all at once, and sometimes, one small event can trigger a domino effect, all of it overflows, and the whole world starts to crumble around you before you have sufficient time to create for yourself a safety net.

If you have ever gone hiking, you would know what it feels like to see that final peak high above the clouds. You stand from one peak looking at the tallest one, and in between are a dense forest of ups and downs. In the fashion of corny yet hopefully applicable analogies. You stand on one peak, on a high point in life, a point where your goal seems so clear to you, and you are once again inspired to keep enduring and persevering through the work. You walk ahead, walking downwards trusting that the road would only go upwards again. Yet, as the forest slowly blocks out the sunlight, and the path becomes only denser and harder to get through, that inspiration slowly drains.

However, after a while, you look back, and you can see that the small peak you were at is now at eye-level, yet so far behind. The goal that you had been searching for, although hidden behind another dense layer of forest, is trusted to be ‘just around the corner’.

We are rarely ever told to look back. Instead, we are always told to keep our eyes on the prize. However, sometimes when being demotivated, it’s important to look at the past, appreciating that the effort you had exerted had pushed you so much farther ahead than you had imagined. It’s always the slight upwards slopes that are the hardest to get through. You know that you are exerting all the energy that you can give, though the result doesn’t seem that noticeable.

It is only when you look back, that you are able to see that all those smaller slopes had summed up to yet another peak.

Motivation rarely comes easily.

Yet there is one thought that will always bring me back to remembering that the pains and suffering of this life is only temporary. And it’s only when I fall apart that I remember.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

“I find you when I fall apart”

When disaster is happening, we rarely rejoice in suffering. It is only those rare occasions that we dare to revisit that place of hurt to see that it had only become a scar, with something stronger than before that had replaced that vulnerable part of your life.

“What if blessings comes through raindrops,
What if healing comes through tears.
What if a thousand sleepless nights,
Is what it takes to know you’re near”

So as it nears 3:45am, I learn to remember that all this is only temporary. All I need is to learn how to dance in the rain, take up the storm like it’s just another sunny day, and use my tears as a motivation to move forward. Using up my sleepless nights to get closer to God, and understand that He is beside me through every up and down.

There cannot be a rainbow without a little rain.

And on the rare occasion you see a double rainbow, you simply prepare for the mixture of sun and rain.

Life: Bring. It. On.


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