ListenFromTheHeart: #16 Naive – The Kooks

As a young child, all that really mattered to you was really getting the toy you wanted for christmas, or even just the simple birthday present containing that multifunctioned pencil case you had wanted. As you become a pre-teen, you enter that age where you begin to hear about the alcohol and the partying. When you finally become a teenager, you hear about some of the other students who are brave enough to break the rules, and sophisticated enough to get into the age-restricted bars and clubs.

Before coming to London, I had heard about the strong drinking and partying culture here. However, even after spending three months or so in this new environment, the habits of a night of social activity in parties still never seize to amaze me. The need for alcohol to heighten the senses and emotions, the pride in waking up with no recollection of what had happened the previous night, the frequency of these ‘outings’ and the money and time spent on alcohol.
I have heard of many ‘drunk stories’ where decisions were made out of hazy visions and underlying desires, which resulted in choices which are not normally made under a sensible mind.
“I’m not saying it your fault
Although you could have done more.”
Drunkenness removes the rational mind, the one that makes decision based on the ability to analyse the consequences of such actions. Instead, alcohol numbs the ability to truly distinguish between right and wrong, safe and dangerous. These stories often involve someone getting hurt in one way or another; physically or emotionally.



(of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement.”the rather naive young man had been totally misled”
When I had arrived first in London, there were many instances when I was asking about one drink to the next, curious about a new world of ‘adulthood’ and ‘maturity’. The students and seniors often laughed at my lack of knowledge about this habit of college students, and taught me all that they had to offer. However, what I find most interesting is that even though I may be naive due to my ‘lack of experience’, though when during a drunken evening, those whom ‘lack judgement’ were the ones who seemed to be the most naive. This contrast only shows that experience only takes you so far.
We are made up of the sum of our experiences. However, it’s using what we have learnt from those experiences and changing ourselves for the better that really will make the difference when stepping out of our naive world.

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