Just taking a break…

… from the mind-draining IPE essay.

Just thought I’d share a short story on how to live.

Yes. I understand that times have changed.
Yes. I understand that telephones are really convenient.
Yes. I’m one of those hypocritical people who spend most of my travelling time avoiding human conversation or even human eye contact. (it’s just… awkward)

But also… Yes. I am one of those people who miss the times when human conversation was the highlights of the day, instead of long-winded whatsapp conversations.

So, recently, my flatmate had shared with me about the story behind the ‘Big Issue’. If you have yet to meet one of these lovely people, the people selling ‘The Big Issue’ were in troubled times when given a chance of a legitimate income source. They get given their first batch of magazines for free, and after selling them, they are able to keep a bit of that money, and spend the rest buying the next batch.

I had promised myself that I would buy a magazine the next time I saw one of these people, but what I didn’t pay for was the conversation I had with the seller. He had a big yellow fluorescent vest on, with a slightly worn-out flower pinned to the neck of the zipper. After a few muddled words and a 10 minutes conversation, I can proudly say that I had met a man who had once been a fisherman in America, but came to London searching for a more sustainably lifestyle. He hated the cold from the wind more than being drenched in salty sea water, and he had been at this job for a while saving up for a trip back to the United States.

When I paid him a twenty pound note, he had taken out his portion of money to give me change. From one pocket came the notes. Inside an envelope lay one tenner, and another fiver. That was it. He gave me the £15 in exchange for the £20 note, and reached into another pocket for the coins. Out came a small black velvet pouch, from within, he withdrew another small red bag, undoing the string tying it up, and lastly from that, pulling out a glove, in which lay the small bits of coins that he had kept so safely.

I wondered if that was all the money he had and wandered off to my next destination.

Sometimes, I get too caught up in ‘what I need…’ that I forget to be aware of the other 7,293,841 people in the world. (with which this exact figure would’ve gone up by the time you read this… check out this pretty awesome link: http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/)

Hopefully, if you finish reading this story, that you would take the time to take notice of all those who pass you by each day. Help those when you can, and pray for them when you can’t. This world is made up of people, maybe it’s time we take notice of them, too.


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