God is good.

(photo creds to Jess Cai)

(photocreds go to Jess Cai)

On the 29th of July, at precisely 14:49, I received this message on facebook:

“Hi Rachel! I’m Sammy and I’ll be co-leading with you at Phat next week 😀 ! Looking forward to meeting you :)”

PHAT Camp Reflect #2

Have you ever considered life without all the relationships that occur in your life?
I believe that our lives are made up of not the things we do, or things that happen in our life, but rather of the relationships we form with people around is. Family. Friends. Enemies. Lovers.

And I also believe that each person placed into my life has been placed there for a reason, and I myself have a role to play in all those around me. Whether it is as a loving friend to lend a listening ears to hearts that need to rant, or as a motivating sister to set expectations and push boundaries, or even as a hated enemy to allow the contrast to love.

That first message on Facebook began a short chain of conversation that slowly grew into detailed descriptions of histories, wonderful narrations of stories and joyful conversation. I can only have hoped to make a good impression on my co-leader, though I guess online messaging has it’s downsides.

During our first meeting, one of the first sentences I heard:

“You have an american accent?”

Despite our differences, we bonded easily and spent many of the hours throughout leadership camp getting to know one another better. Spending 45 minutes writing out 6 bible verses, interrupted by yet more life stories. Trying with all our might to blow up silly caterpillar balloons preparing for SNARK (Super Ninja Acts of Random Kindness), getting much too excited about the many possibilities. Sharing our expectations and fears about leading. Becoming sisters in Christ.

Even through all that however, I believe the moments that really tied the knot in our friendship was rather the night after our first small group discussion. Sitting on the carpet of the prayer room, hands grasped tightly, eyes shut. Praying.

Throughout the next few days, we supported each other through awkward silences, late night letters, and untrusting trust falls. I never thought a short week could lead to a goodbye that lead to tears welling up in my eyes. So here’s a short bible verse I would like to share with this wonderful person.

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!” ~ Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
God is good. Because he sends friends to walk alongside you on unfamiliar paths.

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