If I were to stand at this exact place a year ago… I would not have guessed how this path would’ve twisted and turned. Though I can say now that I am content with where I am, and I only pray that my path ahead will be even more filled with challenges and hurdles in which I can see God’s work through myself, and the people around me.

I wrote a post exactly a year ago, with this quote embedded somewhere amongst the words and feelings. This past year had gone by so quickly that I can’t specifically recall what has really changed. But today, amongst the rest would be one that I will remember.

20. The first few hours of the early morning was spent cleaning my room, hoping that the morning I wake up a year older, I will wake up to a life that at least seems put together on the outside. With a meal plan figured out for the week, a partially checked off shopping list and my most recent may-or-may-not-return item receipt pinned to the cork board, it seemed like I was ready to go to bed as a teen for the last time.

I was greeted by sunshine through the window the next morning. I woke up thinking. I’m 20.

The first thing I did after getting out of bed, was walk towards the mirror and plait my hair into two braids, reassuring myself that some part of me can still hold on to the innocent child within my 20 year-old self. Getting ready was organised. Breakfast. Tea and devotions. Brush my teeth. Get dressed. Ready with 5 minutes to spare.

Just before my lecture at 11:00am, I was surprised with tickles and squeals from one of the weirder people I call my friend. – You know who you are. – Kidding, she’s awesome really. The first lecture passed and the hour break we had was spent with a ginormous ‘Happy Birthday’ badge pinned to my backpack, 15 cupcakes each with a letter spelt with matchmakers (a british chocolate).

2 more lectures. Endocrinology.

Then off to South Kensington for a small trip to the Natural History Museum and a dinner with a friend – or so I thought.

I arrived at the Natural History Museum to be met with two, instead of one of the expected people. We had a wonderful time imitating dinosaurs, specifically imagining all dinosaur-y movements possible or restricted by the lack of a fully functioning pair of hands. Yes. It was the T-rex. Then making ourselves feel slightly superior by going into the Human Biology exhibition to name muscles and bones, only to find ourselves completely inadequate.

‘Let’s get to the restaurant say about… 6:00pm. They are usually quite busy, and they may have a line.’

We walk into the restaurant, and was brought to a backroom. Then down some stairs which had begun with a sign that had said ‘Private’. I then walked into a room, with a slightly unsynchronised ‘SURPRISE!’. Filled with people from my youth group. I laugh nervously, not knowing how to respond. And decided to dive behind the friend who had set it all up to simply hide from the situation. Anyway. All in all. It’s been a good day.

I don’t think I’ve had time to properly process my feelings yet. This will simply just be a descriptive post. The mushy feelings shall come tomorrow.


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