MushyFeelings. #14 Rescued.

I was ready to let go on Saturday. I held on. I survived. And on Sunday, rescue came along, in the form of an unexpected worship session with Kari Jobe, with an unpredicted trip to the ‘half-price-when-raining’ ice cream shop, with an unprecedented feeling of calmness. On Sunday, I heard Him speak to me. Finally. […]

MushyFeelings. #12 Rice.

I returned home quite late on Sunday. And since not having a phone has given me relatively more freedom with replying to messages and phone calls, I had often missed desperate cries of help from her. Sunday night. I returned to the following conversation: 20:19 Her: Hi sorry. Her: Free for lunch tomorrow? Her: Please […]

MushyFeelings. #8 Crowds.

‘How was your day.’ ‘Good-ish.’ I used to be energised by being amongst a large group of people. Usually being the loudest one to either react exaggeratedly, or shouting at the top of my lungs, masking my fear of disobedience with a false sense of leadership. Now. Crowds. Any group of 2 or more people. […]