30DayChallenge – MushyFeelings. An introduction.

Feelings aren’t something that are just felt, they exist in my world as cartoonish manifestations that surround my world, presenting themselves in a parallel dimension that somehow interacts with mine.

Joy. Although a feeling that has been distant for some time, presents itself as rays of yellow, not a yellow that blinds, nor a yellow that glows, but a yellow that warms and reaches out to touch another persons life. It manifests in moments independent of events that occur, it exists in gloomy rainy days, and it exists in bright sunshine mornings. It’s accompanied by birdsong and green grass, and the spotify playlist that says ‘Sunshine and green grass.’

Sadness. A feeling I am all too familiar with, presents itself as a cloud, that I can’t help but pull alongside me like a slowly deflating balloon only seemingly holding onto it’s last bits of helium. It’s a grey which spreads and seeps into my life, pushing out colour. It cloaks me like a heavy dracula costume, tight at the neck, and trailing behind each footstep. It brings along fear and worry, and the spotify playlist that says ‘Rainy Sunday afternoons’.

Simply illustrating the two opposites are insufficient to describe the range of emotions and feelings which make up the pieces that come together to form me. But this is what this challenge is for. We never truly use our rational minds when it’s all a ball of tangled wires, but just as we were never able to untangle the messes we create, others can do it for you, and you for them. In the meantime, it all slowly unwinds into individual thoughts.

So, a friend and I had decided to start this with the following rules:

  1. We must write about feelings. The other persons feelings.
  2. In any form of media we deem fit (e.g. Music, Words, Quote, Art).
  3. Everyday.

To best capture that day for them.

This challenge will end exactly the day before she flies home for Christmas.
With a bit of gusto that this will last till the end.
Let the challenge begin.


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