MushyFeelings. #4 Autopilot

Me: “How was your day?”
Her: “Full day of uni.”
Me: “I’m glad you managed to make it through.”
Her: “Well, it was compulsory.

It’s so easy to go into autopilot.
To go through the day neglecting hidden feelings and pushing all the emotions aside, prioritising what ‘should’ be done as opposed to what we ‘want’ to do. Which some days may range from laying in bed all day doing absolutely nothing, to doing everything that inspires us.

She needs rest. She’s tired.

She just needs rest. Take it slow. Take it easy.
But it’s hard to truly rest, knowing that the academic pressure to stay on top of things is looming over her head like a grey cloud. Though we may stare off into space without any one particular thing occupying our mind at a time, there are instead many trains derailing one another before it can reach it’s destination to form a coherent thought.

But she is strong.

She’s still holding on to the sanity to lets her enjoy TV dramas, and speak to friends and family. She grasps on to the relationships that support her, and she will pull through this. The future may be foggy and gloomy right now, but the sun will shine through. She will pull through this.


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