Poems #1 Shadows

I like that my shadow is glued to the sole of my feet.

I like that it loves to run circles around me, sometimes quickened by the headlights of a car passing by.

I like that sometimes there is two of me, until they merge into one again.

I like that there is sometimes a shorter one of me, that grows to a desired height until the legs and head become disproportional and slowly fade away.

I like that it can overlap other shadows and make it darker,
and sometimes it can merge into other shadows and disappear for a moment.

I like that sometimes the shadows around me will sway lightly in the wind, as if saying ‘goodbye’ to my shadows.

I like that shadows can draw delicate lines on the pavement, illustrating a personal game of hopscotch for me. Whereas, sometimes shadows colour in parts of the pavement and leave the lighter areas for me to finish.

Shadows may sometimes be sinister.
But there is also beauty in shadows.
Because it’s only in the dark that you can see light shine even brighter.


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