Poems #2 Raindrops and Sunshines.

Raindrops and sunshine have gone to war.
They fight to occupy the space between buildings,
they battle to spread themselves amongst the pavement,
and they wage war against one another for their natural beauty.

The raindrops sprint bravely, hurriedly,
in diagonal streaks across the sky.
Their paths interrupted by the rays of sunshine,
that illuminate them into strands of gold.

Raindrops end as water drops on window panes.
Sunshine ends as a glitter of light within the water drop,
shining as tiny twinkles and glittering glimmers.
They fight for my attention.

The raindrops are allies with the wind,
sometimes being pushed upwards,
pretending to be a flicker of snow
that steals my hope.

But the sunshine latches onto the tips of eyelashes,
constantly forming translucent golden circles,
decorating the edges of my vision
and prohibiting me to ignore it’s existence.

I close my eyes and the sunshine colour my inner lids with gold.
The rain drops fill my ears with it’s rhythmic pitter patter.
Not one is better than the other,
because only when you have them both will you see a rainbow.


One thought on “Poems #2 Raindrops and Sunshines.

  1. Agree fully ~ the rain and sun are perfect at certain times. A beautiful way to bring in the New Year ~ a great post. Wishing the best to you this year with your writing and life in general ~ 2016 has the potential to be incredible.


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