Rachel Lee. 19. Hong Kong.

I guess if you’ve stumbled across this page, you have genuine interest in the brain that spews out the wonderful words in this blog. So be ready for a long life story – kidding. Here’s a brief introduction about who I am.

The Past
I was born in Hong Kong, and grew up there. Attending an all girl Primary School (SSGPS), and spending a lot of time nerdily enjoying Educational Television (ETV – they taught fractions using pies and pizzas! What’s not to like about that?) My two younger siblings and I grew up to our loving, wonderful parents in a homey Christian Family.

When I was 10, the whole family moved to Shanghai, and I’ve been attending international school since then, spending the last two years of High School back in Hong Kong alone at a boarding school – Li Po Chun United World College.

The Present

After writing and re-writing a fine-tuned personal essay, passing my grueling IB exams, I finally got into Medical School. King’s College London MBBS, class of 2019. So this blog is simply about my journey through these 5 years under the loving care of God, let’s see what He has prepared for me.

The Future

I guess with every new post, I’m writing down what would be the future for this exact moment I’m typing this (or that I was typing this).


Please feel free to send in a reply to any of the posts you read. And with any questions that aren’t TOO personal (though if you have some personal questions, do post them, and I will hopefully find a way to contact you to let you know the reply).

Thanks for dropping by!


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