Love #1: Falling in love.

For anyone who was expecting a big reveal as to who my new prince charming is, sorry to disappoint. Instead, I’m just going to gush out some feelings and thoughts about the love that is yet to be found. It was probably half a year ago when I had first stumbled across this article. […]

Crushes and silent discos

I can honestly say that yesterday may have been one of the best nights of my life. After a long morning and afternoon working on stem cells and cerebral organoids (growing brains in a dish), I had arrived home exhausted. I opened my wadrobe searching for the perfect outfit for a night out with a […]

Dear family.

I sit on the staircase just outside my room listening to the soft rumble of the washing machine of someone doing their laundry late at night. Inside the room, my mum is sleeping soundly under the dim glow of the heart-shaped fairy lights that I had bought just a few weeks ago to accompany the […]

‘What would you do if you had 24hours left to live’

I saw a patient today, receiving news that he would only have a few more weeks to live. ‘Why did you choose medicine?’ Whether or not it’s the interviewer from a university, a parent, or even a friend. It would always be a struggle to stay away from the cliché answers. However, as cliché as […]

Just taking a break…

… from the mind-draining IPE essay. Just thought I’d share a short story on how to live. Yes. I understand that times have changed. Yes. I understand that telephones are really convenient. Yes. I’m one of those hypocritical people who spend most of my travelling time avoiding human conversation or even human eye contact. (it’s […]

White Out. and Mistakes.

Instead of being cliché and writing my end-of-the-year blogpost for the last day of the year, I’m going to write this on the last Sunday of 2014. Because Sundays are always more special than other days of the week, and also because life is too metaphorical to not make into a cheesy opening of a […]