‘What would you do if you had 24hours left to live’

I saw a patient today, receiving news that he would only have a few more weeks to live. ‘Why did you choose medicine?’ Whether or not it’s the interviewer from a university, a parent, or even a friend. It would always be a struggle to stay away from the cliché answers. However, as cliché as […]

White Out. and Mistakes.

Instead of being cliché and writing my end-of-the-year blogpost for the last day of the year, I’m going to write this on the last Sunday of 2014. Because Sundays are always more special than other days of the week, and also because life is too metaphorical to not make into a cheesy opening of a […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #14 Blessings – Laura Story

Wisely put by a friend of mine: #rulesaremadetobebroken. Instead of getting a suggestion, here is one of my own selection. This song will probably be familiar to all those whom have heard about the different ‘bad times’ I have had and how this song had accompanied on many nights sobbing into my pillowcase. The song alone […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #9 Dance with the Devil – Immortal Technique

“A feeble-minded young man with infinite potential The product of a ghetto-bred capitalistic mental” It may sometimes be hard to believe that the different circumstances in which you grew up may influence you so deeply in your future. The path that you choose to lead is often modified by those around you on your journey, […]

ListenFromTheHeart: #7 Use somebody – Kings of Leon

“I choose this because to me it says you always have people there who are willing to share your burdens and make you feel lighter.. ” Friendships are unique. Each one has it’s own origin, own progression, and sometimes unfortunately, it’s own ending. They may start because of similarities, and they may start because of […]


It’s funny when you think about the elaborate birthday parties we have when we were a child, and how they slowly dwindled into small celebrations with close friends as we get older. 1 years old. All family friends are invited, all parents holding camcorders in their hands trying to capture every moment of the party. […]

Fresher’s Flu

The famous Fresher’s Flu has finally arrived. I thought that my immune system could handle it, but I guess not. After late nights of studying/partying, (slightly leaning more on the partying/hanging out with friends side) I have now become another victim of the infamous Fresher’s Flu. So as I sit in the library worrying about […]

Drinks. Drinks. Drunk.

One of the things about London that is so infamously linked with the University lifestyle is (*drumroll*): The Drinking Culture. Being the one who lights up like a red lightbulb after a pint of 2% Somersby’s Apple Cider, I don’t consider myself at all the “experienced drinker”. When I found out about the MSA Freseher’s Wristband […]