MushyFeelings. #4 Autopilot

Me: “How was your day?” Her: “Full day of uni.” Me: “I’m glad you managed to make it through.” Her: “Well, it was compulsory. It’s so easy to go into autopilot. To go through the day neglecting hidden feelings and pushing all the emotions aside, prioritising what ‘should’ be done as opposed to what we […]

MushyFeelings. #2 Ashamed.

ASHAMED /əˈʃeɪmd/ (Adjective) Feeling embarrassed or guilty because of one’s actions, characteristics, or associations. I know that she was struggling today. And I wasn’t able to help her. But maybe growing up isn’t all about continuously leaning on someone else, but rather learning to stand up straight all by yourself, with those who taught and […]

MushyFeelings. #1 Voices.

The purpose of life has always been one of those questions that seemed too philosophical to tackle. Instead, we don’t ask about why certain checkpoints have been placed into our lives with the aim of directing us to the ‘ideal life’. We simply follow the rules. For her, the beginning of this rollercoaster started when […]


My brother is a boy of unique interests. One of which, included the interests in all the different phobias which existed, from strange fears of the number 8. Octophobia. To the fear of everything. Pantophobia. I always thought that they would one day be useful when he would be able to answer the final question […]